There are around 80 million people living with a disability in the EU. This is more than 15% of the European population. Different types of disabilities lead to different limitations and needs.

Those affected would like to be able to live a more self-determined, independent and fulfilled life in their own comfortable home despite their limitations. Modern technologies can help with this! Smart technical aids are generally available and affordable nowadays. If one knows how to use them skilfully, one can lead a more active, self-determined, independent and socially integrated life despite a disability.

With our training offers, we would like to explain to those affected, their relatives, friends and professional specialists what technological options are available, what needs they fulfil and how to set them up and use them.

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  • Research on the needs of the people with disabilities on their home
  • Training courses on an interactive e-learning platform, the content of which will deal with the installation of various domotics/home automation technologies in the home environment.


  • Open up a new world of opportunities and possibilities for people with disabilities and special needs to live a more independent, autonomous, safe, healthy, comfortable and stimulating life in their own homes
  • Create better life conditions for the different groups with some disability, focusing on their daily life and achieving a more autonomous, independent, and healthy life, making a more equality society removing any possible discrimination.


  • PR1: Guide to needs, problems, interests, and solutions in the own home for people with a physical, mental, sensory, neurological or organic disability.
  • PR2: Course for adapting Smart Homes for independency and autonomy of people with disability
  • PR3: Innovative, interactive learning platform to improve the autonomy of people with disabilities at home


A great project meeting in Bologna

A great project meeting in Bologna

The work on the project MY SMART SWEET HOME continues. On 26-27 of July the 2nd transnational meeting of the project was held in Bologna and hosted by AIAS, an organization with more than 50 years of history and experience on the assistance for people with disability....

The project begins

The project begins

The care needs of people with disabilities vary greatly and can also change over time. Among those affected and their relatives and friends, there is a strong desire to maintain a life that is as self-determined and independent as possible in their own home, despite...


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